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The Communities of Brereton and Rugeley

Brereton and Rugeley are former coal mining communities and while they have the feel of an urbanised area they stand alone in the heart of a rural part of Staffordshire bounded on the one side by Cannock Chase, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and on the other by the Trent Valley, an area of attractive agricultural countryside.

The population of the Parish is 30,000 including children. Brereton and Rugeley are well blessed with shops and good social and care facilities for people of all ages. With the decline of local industry a significant number of people commute to work.


A Vigil for Peace and Hope

St Augustine’s hosted a vigil for hope and peace at the end of June 2017. The vigil was held in response to recent events – London Bridge, Finsbury Park, Manchester and of course, the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Members of all the churches across the parish as well as a fair few non-church folk came along, bringing flowers and a candle to light. Leaders from other Churches Together churches came and on the half hour took it in turns to lead some simple prayer. Appropriate music player whilst inspirational quotes from the likes of Martin Luther King Jr and Desmond Tutu lifted hearts and minds.

What did we learn from holding the vigil? It is good to be responsive to the public sense of concern and loss. As one member of the public said, “Why wait so long before doing this?” Point taken. This was a perfect opportunity to show solidarity across the Churches Together group and we are glad that we took the opportunity when we did. God forbid other similar disasters and events occur, but if they do, we will endeavor to respond in a similar way again. The other thing we learned was that the FaceBook page Rugeley Rocks is a good way to get news and information out into the wider community.

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