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Congratulations on your engagement! And thank you for considering booking your Wedding at one the Churches in this Parish.

Wedding Enquiries and Bookings
If you would like to book a Wedding, or speak with someone about having a Wedding, at one of our Churches, please come to our Office Hours. To book your wedding, please bring £55 booking fee, in cash.

  • St. Augustine’s, Rugeley -  Office Hours: Wednesdays, 7.00pm-8:00pm.
  • Please contact Fr David if you would like a Wedding at St. Michael's, Brereton (See Ministry Team page for details).
  • Church of the Holy Spirit - Etching Hill Office Hours: Saturdays, 9:00am-10:00am.
  • Contact Fr David if you would like a Wedding at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Pear Tree Estate, Rugeley (see Ministry Team page for details).

Who can get married in one of our Churches?
If you live in the Parish or meet the qualifying criteria, you can be married in one of our Churches. Generally speaking, if you have a connection with the Church (e.g. used to live in the Parish, parents live in the Parish, were Baptised here, you or your parents attend the Church, parents or grandparents married here) you will be able to get married there.

What Parish am I in?
To find out which is your Parish Church, go to and type in your postcode.

My partner and/or myself are divorced, can we get married in Church?
If either of you have been married previously, contact Fr David to arrange a meeting with her. Following this, you will be advised if you can get married in one of our Churches. We need to see a copy of the Decree Absolute. Please do not let this process put you off, as the majority of times, we do marry those who are divorced.

It is a legal requirement that the minister sees a valid Passport for both the Bride and Groom. If you do not have a Passport or a Birth Certificate from before 1983, we need to see a copy of your parents Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate.

Banns of Marriage
If your wedding is in one of our Churches, your Banns will be called the month before your wedding, at our main Sunday Service. There is no charge for this. If you are getting married in another Church but live in our Parish, please come to Office Hours (see above) to arrange this, for a fee of £40.

Wedding Dates
While we usually book Weddings for a Saturday, we can accommodate you if you would like one in the week, or even in some cases on a Sunday afternoon (though dates for Sunday afternoons are more limited).

The cost of a Wedding for 2017 is £662, plus a non-refundable booking fee of £55. In October-April there is a £95 heating fee. In some of the Churches you can also book the choir and bells for an additional fee. We like payment a month before the wedding and cash is preferred, but we do also take cheques.

I’ve booked my Wedding, what happens next?
Several months before your Wedding, we will invite you to a preparation session, which you should make a priority to attend. We will discuss the Ceremony, answer questions, give suggestions, and make you aware of decisions you have to make (e.g. hymns, readings). Afterwards, please go back to Office Hours to tell us your choices for the hymns, readings, etc. We will then be in touch to arrange a rehearsal for a few days before the Wedding.

Your Wedding Service
While certain parts of the Marriage Ceremony cannot be changed, such as the vows, you can adapt the Service to make it personal to you, by choosing hymns, readings and music. You might be interested to know that, while the organist usually plays the traditional Bridal March by Wagner, for the entrance, and the traditional Wedding March by Mendelssohn, as the couple exit, you can arrange for him to play something else, or another musician that you've arranged, or a song on a CD. If you would like the organist to play something other than the traditional wedding pieces, we need to know three months in advance.

Please remember that we are here to help you to have the Service that you would like.

And we pray that God will Bless you both in your wedding preparations and in your married life together as husband and wife.

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